Squid Microwave Thawing

China has a huge output of squid. Squid is an important economic aquatic animal which can be used for development and industrial production. Squid is a kind of aquatic product with high protein and low fat, rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, taurine, etc. The water content of squid is about 76.2% ~ 80.0%. Squid should be frozen on board immediately after fishing.Therefore, frozen squid is the main raw material of all kinds of squid products.

The principle of microwave thawing is to vibrate the polar molecules inside the frozen products under the radiation of electromagnetic wave, and generate heat by elastic collision and friction with the surrounding molecules.

Mr. Wang of shidao, weihai city mainly processes squid rings, squid shreds and other foods. Before using high-voltage electrostatic thawing method, the meat loss rate is up to 10%, and the color difference after thawing is significant. He wants to buy a microwave equipment to replace the previous high-voltage electrostatic thawing.

The frozen squid was placed in a box of 40×20×30cm at -18℃ in the microwave working chamber of the microwave defrosting machine. The ambient temperature in the microwave working chamber was -3℃ ~ 3℃.During the microwave thawing process, the microwave thawing frequency was 915 MHz. It only takes 6 minutes to defrost with 20kw microwave defrosting equipment. After defrosting, no blood will flow out and the meat loss rate is less than 1%. A needle thermometer can be easily inserted into the interior and measures -3℃.

This heating starts inside the material, taking advantage of the electrical properties of the material itself. When the frozen food is thawed in this way, the temperature is set slightly below the freezing point of water, that is, -4 ~ -2 ℃. At this time, the frozen products are in solid state and easy to slice, dice or do other processing. The whole microwave working chamber can be placed in the frozen material, without the restriction of water tank, etc., it can quickly defrost the large volume or a large number of frozen materials, and improve the efficiency.The defrost chamber is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, safe and corrosion resistant.

The 20kw microwave defrosting equipment can defrost squid over 600kg per hour, and the final defrosting temperature can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.

Advantages of microwave thaw: 1. Fast thaw; 2. The whole frozen products are uniform after thawing; 3. After thawing, frozen products are easy to cut without dripping; 4. Power saving; 5. No sewage is discharged.