Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Tripe

Many people like hot pot very much. Cooking a pot of steaming delicious food can make people very happy. When eating hot pot, it is necessary to have a tripe. Tripe has a unique taste, and it contains a small amount of fat, but a large amount of vitamins and proteins. Regular consumption of tripe can fill the deficiency and benefit the spleen and stomach. The benefits are enormous. Since tripe has a short shelf life, it is usually frozen, so how do you defrost it? Leader Microwave Equipment’s frozen tripe microwave thawing device is perfect for thawing.

Frozen tripe

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen tripe

  1. Automatic control system:

The microwave thawing machine of frozen tripe has an automatic control system and fully automatic control of refrigeration temperature, which can ensure the quality of frozen tripe products and maintain the freshness of frozen tripe with high efficiency and safety. And it has the advantages of humanized control, high automation accuracy, accurate display of temperature curve, automatic control to complete the thawing process, a variety of defrosting methods.

  1. Circulating air system:

The fan of the frozen tripe microwave thawing machine is made of a high-quality axial airflow mechanism, which has excellent safety and stability and can meet the requirements of food hygiene. Moreover, the whole tool is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, which is very safe and hygienic.

  1. Inhibit microbial growth

Food hygiene is essential, microwave thawing machine can not only thaw tripe but also play a specific role in sterilization and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

  1. The thawing process can be gradually controlled

Different from other thawing methods, the microwave thawing machine has an automatic control system and manual control. The manufacturer can control the production according to the needs of the factory.

     5. Frozen tripe melts quickly and evenly, with low energy consumption, low water loss, and small protein loss. Microwave thawing equipment can maintain the original color of frozen tripe, and it can also be used for refrigeration.

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen tripe

Model and technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen tripe

TypeThawing machine
ApplicationMeat processing
Automatic gradingAutomatic
Production capacity300-15000kg /hr
Voltage380V  href=”#/javascript:;” customization
Dimensions1200 * 1200 * 2400(customization)

Comparison of microwave thawing equipment for frozen tripe with traditional thawing method

Traditional thawing methods have many kinds, such as water thawing or heating thawing methods, but these defrosting methods all have significant drawbacks. First of all, the thawing time is relatively long and uneven, The most crucial reason is that traditional thawing methods are carried out from the outside to the inside. This process not only consumes much time but also leads to uneven thawing. Thawing for a long time will cause the loss of nutrients in frozen tripe, which will affect the taste and reduce the sales profit. The microwave defrosting equipment will not have such a situation, not only the defrosting time is short, and uniform, but the thawed frozen tripe is very nutritious and tasty. Thawed tripe by frozen tripe microwave defrosting equipment is well received in the market, and sales continue to rise, which means that frozen tripe microwave defrosting equipment will become more and more popular. Now, microwave technology has been deeply popular, such as frozen seafood microwave thawing equipment, vegetables microwave sterilization equipment, bean curd stick microwave drying equipment, etc., have brought us great convenience. As long as we are good at using science and technology, good at using microwave equipment, I believe our future life will be better and better!