Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Strawberries

I believe many people like to eat fruit very much, fruit contains a lot of vitamins and all kinds of trace elements. It is very beneficial to the human body, strawberries are very popular in all fruits, not only sweet taste but also moderate price, so the market demand for strawberries has been very high. However, the shelf life of fruit is relatively short, so to extend the shelf life of strawberries, strawberries will be frozen, so how to thaw them, which will be used in the microwave thawing equipment of frozen strawberries produced by leader microwave equipment.

Frozen strawberry

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen strawberries:

1.Ensure that strawberries are nutritious and free from corruption.

Frozen strawberries are thawed directly by microwave thawing machines, and the thawing time is only a few minutes, which can lock the nutrition of strawberries to the greatest extent. It is worth mentioning that there will be no strawberry decay in the thawing process, which has many benefits compared with the traditional thawing method.

2.The thawing speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

Unlike the traditional way of water thawing, strawberry microwave thawing machine only takes a few minutes to complete the thawing of strawberries, the previous days or hours of timing, into minutes of timing, thawing efficiency is very high.

3.Save investment

The less input, the higher the profit, the microwave thawing machine only needs to invest the money of one equipment. The equipment can be used for a long time, followed by only a small amount of electricity, less investment. In contrast, the traditional thawing method needs a lot of site labor and water resources investment, and the investment is enormous.

4.Environmental protection without pollution

The traditional water resources used in thawing will cause waste of water sources and environmental pollution, while microwave freezers only need a small amount of electricity.

5.Simple operation

The operation of microwave thawing equipment is straightforward, and workers can easily learn to use it.

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen strawberries

Model and technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen strawberries:

total power10KW50KW90KW
Microwave operating frequency915±5MHz
microwave output power40KW

Power non-polar adjustable

Thawing efficiency1.5-2 Ton / hour


The microwave feeds into the standing wave ratio.Less than 2 (under rated load)
Microwave magnetronFrequency 915MHz、power 20KW


Cooling mode of microwave systemMagnetron (water cooled), transformer (oil cooled)
Service life of magnetron.≤2000h
manufacturer’s standardNational gb10436-89 standard: 5mw/ cm2 to gb5226 electrical safety standard
 Equipment appearance size (length × width × height)10455mm×820mm×1900mm

Principle of microwave thawing equipment for frozen strawberries:

The principle of microwave thawing equipment for frozen strawberries refers to a way of thawing by microwave. Microwave can directly penetrate the surface of strawberries and make them heated inside and outside simultaneously so that the thawed strawberries are uniform and fast.

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The strawberry has the advantages of good taste and rich nutrition. The demand for the frozen strawberry microwave thawing equipment is higher and higher with the increase of the strawberries’ request. The leader microwave equipment not only has the frozen strawberry microwave thawing equipment. There is also a variety of other equipment, such as the frozen chicken leg microwave thawing equipment, the tea microwave drying equipment. The tea tree mushroom microwave drying equipment and the like, all of which are hot and hot, and are now sold to countries such as Russia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and the like, With great convenience for the local area.

If you do not know which kind of frozen strawberry microwave thawing equipment to choose, please contact us, we will choose the most suitable equipment for you!