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Microwave heating equipment is used in food, medicine, wood, chemical products, and other products requiring rapid heating. For example, microwave oven heating is the use of microwave heating characteristics.

When heating food, heat can be directly into the food, so the heating speed is 4 to 10 times faster than other heating equipment, thermal efficiency up to 80% is an ideal food curing equipment.

Because of good prospect and application of microwave heating equipment, our machines have been exported to many countries: Algeria, Egypt, India, the Dominican Republic, Zambia, Tanzania, ivory coast, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Uganda, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, etc.

Ugandan customer
Install microwave heating equipment in Uganda

How much material do you want to heat per hour?

Our Leader Machinery can provide you with microwave heating equipment of various types. If you are interested in our microwave heating equipment or other microwaves defrost equipment for duck meat, dehydration equipment, etc., please contact us for more details and prices of microwave equipment.

12kw Microwave heating equipment
30kw Microwave heating equipment
50kw Microwave heating equipment
Higher power microwave heating equipment can be customized

Unique functions and advantages of Leader microwave heating equipment:

1. The work process does not emit waste gas, wastewater to realize its value, and protect our environment.

2. We have different types of microwave equipment, which can meet your different needs.

3. The operating system of microwave heating equipment is simple, uniform, and fast.

4. Microwave heating equipment is automatic equipment, significantly saving labor costs.

5. The delivery date is short. We have experienced workers who can manufacture microwave heating equipment or other microwave dehydration equipment in a short time.

Product specification:

Microwave frequency2450/915MHz2450/915MHz2450/915MHz2450/915MHz
Output power12KW30KW50KW80KW
Transmission speed0-5m /minute(adjustable)0-5m /minute(adjustable)0-5m /minute(adjustable)0-5m /minute(adjustable)
Leakage value≤3mw/cubic metre≤3mw/cubic metre≤3mw/cubic metre≤3mw/cubic metre
Heating efficiency120-150kg/hour300-400kg/hour500-600kg/hour800-1000kg/hour

Suitable material for microwave heating equipment:

Generally, heating equipment produced by manufacture can only be used to heat the bento, lunch box, and other food, but microwave heating equipment is a leader’s top product of microwave equipment. In addition to heat food, it can also reach the role of disinfection and sterilization in the process of heating. The application range is from food to medicine and the liquid, powder, granule food pasteurization.

Would you like more details? Just contact us.

Our microwave heating equipment services:

1. We provide 24-hour online service, do not hesitate, welcome any inquiries. We will reply as soon as we receive your message.

2. Each power model of microwave heating equipment has the standard. They satisfy the majority of customers. Each power model of microwave heating equipment has the norm, they satisfy the majority of customers. We can customize the equipment and machines according to your conditions.

3. We will send technicians to help you install and debug microwave equipment machines at your site according to your requirements. Besides, training personnel is provided.

4. We provide you with technical support online. If you have any technical problems with microwave heating equipment, please leave us a message. We will provide the most professional technical guidance. We provide first-class microwave heating equipment and lifetime maintenance.

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Leader Machinery is a large enterprise specializing in the production of microwave equipment. With the efforts of professional engineers and skilled staff, we have been researching and developing our microwave equipment for sale. Each innovation can make the Leader machine more efficient. We would like to design and upgrade the microwave machinery to meet your unique requirements.
We look forward to working with you. We welcome your consultants.