Microwave Food Defrosting Machine

With the development of the food industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, people have increasingly strict requirements on food. They not only require a variety of types, but also pay more attention to the nutritional value and quality of food. Frozen foods play an important role in the storage, transportation and processing industries, but they must be thawed before being processed or consumed. It’s not just freezing that affects the quality of the food. Thawing is the key to the quality of the food.

  Frozen food

What basically takes on the market at present is soaking thawed, can lose food a lot of nutrition composition and thawed effect is uneven, another kind of method is air thawed, but thawed time is long, the quality requirement after not satisfying product thawed. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave food thawing machine does not affect the characteristics of food such as nutrition composition and color under the condition of ensuring the thawing speed and uniformity. It is safe, hygienic and has a high service life, and can be applied to industries related to thawing demand.

Advantages of microwave food defrosting machine

  1. Defrost quickly

Microwave thawing is internal and external heating at the same time, does not need heat conduction process, thawing fast, improve production efficiency, greatly shorten the thawing time.

  1. Thaw evenly

Microwave food thawing equipment can make the food surface at the same time by the action of the electromagnetic field and generate heat, so thawing uniformity is good, will not appear outside heat and inside cold phenomenon.

  1. The nutrients are not lost

Microwave thawing device through the thermal effect and biological effect, can maintain the taste of thawed materials, protein, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients are not damaged, and has sterilization effect, improve product quality.

  1. Continuous operation, high reliability

The defrost equipment can work continuously. The special microwave excitation cavity and microwave ring device can not only improve the microwave efficiency and uniformity, but also extend the life of the magnetron.

  1. Safety and hygiene

The microwave defrosting equipment works in a closed defrosting chamber made of stainless steel, and the cabinet and conveyor belt can be safely rinsed.

Microwave food defrosting machine

Working principle of microwave food defrosting machine

Microwave defrosting device a defrosting control device for a microwave oven that defrosts by microwave oven. Two infrared sensors in different positions are arranged on the inner surface of the microwave oven cavity, and the infrared sensor can sense the temperature in the side of the microwave oven cavity. If the perceived temperature deviates within a certain period of time, continue the thawing process; If there is no temperature deviation within a certain period of time, a prompt sound will be output after a certain period of time, telling the user to reverse the freezing load. By sensing the temperature of the freezing load in microwave oven, it can control the freezing load in microwave oven to be heated evenly and improve the working efficiency of thawing.

Schematic diagram

Technical parameters of microwave food defrosting machine

Operating frequency915MHz±10MHz915MHz±10MHz915MHz±10MHz915MHz±10MHz
Maxim power consumption≤100kW≤120kW≤130kW≤150kW
Thawing time≤5min≤5min≤3min≤3min
Working temperature-10℃~35℃-10℃~+35℃-15℃~45℃-15℃~45℃
Thawing ability2~3T2~3T3~5T5~6T

Microwave food thawing machine has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to a variety of frozen meat, seafood, frozen fruit and other foods. It can be frozen or completely thawed during processing. No freezing, thawing process is mature. We have many types of products for you to choose.

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