Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Mutton

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The microwave defrost equipment is used to defrost and sterilize mutton, beef, chicken, and other meat products. Defrosted meat products should meet food hygiene standards, defrosted meat is our typical food in the market.

Advantages of our lamb microwave defrost equipment:

  • 1. The thawed meat products from our leader, microwave equipment company, will not destroy the nutritional value of the meat products and meet the national standards for food hygiene.
  • 2. Defrosted meat with good quality is welcome in the market, so you can get a big profit after purchasing our microwave defrosting equipment.
  • 3. The microwave defrosts equipment of mutton has a long service life.
  • 4. Our equipment will not produce any wastewater, waste gas, and other pollutants in the working process.

Microwave defrosting equipment for mutton

Product specification:

Automatic levelSelf-motionGuarantee1 year
Production capacity500 kilogram/hourAfter-sales serviceSite installation, commissioning and training
HeadstreamChinese MainlandProduct nameMicrowave defrosting equipment
BrandLDControl systemPLC
ModelLD – 60KWVHeadstreamJinan – shandong – China
Voltage220V〜380VCapacity600〜750 kilogram/ h
Size(L*W*H)12860 * 1060 *1750 millimeterFunctionsterilization, thawing
Weight2TAfter-sales serviceSite installation, debugging and tracking

Of course, we can provide different models with different power, just to meet your requirements. These mutton microwave defrosting equipment are of high quality and at a favorable price. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message.

10KW Microwave defrosting equipment for mutton
20KW Microwave defrosting equipment for mutton
30KW Microwave defrosting equipment for mutton
Can be customized for higher power

Meat products that can be processed by microwave defrosting equipment

Reasons to buy microwave defrost equipment for mutton:

High quality: The machine is made of high-performance stainless steel. Compared with an ordinary quality machine, the lamb microwave defrosting equipment has strong corrosion resistance and toughness. If you buy our tool, you can use it for a longer time.

Unique design: The leader microwave equipment company has many professional engineers. The engineer has finished updating all the machines. We have designed the tool many times according to the customer’s requirements. At present, our machine has a unique design. It gives you more functionality and simplifies the production process.

Fair price: We are not only superior in quality but also favorable in price. As compared with the prices of other manufacturers, you’ll find the cost of the leader microwave equipment company is the most reasonable. From our spare parts, microwave defrosting equipment is cost-effective.So don’t be afraid of the price.

Microwave defrosting is one of the essential solutions for food sterilization and preservation. With time, microwave defrosting equipment for mutton and microwave defrosting machinery for duck meat are gradually introduced.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment, this equipment is our essential product, through our efforts for ten years, this machine has been sold to all parts of the world.

Microwave equipment in Brazil/Microwave equipment shipped to Algeria/Microwave equipment in Libya.

No matter what you buy from our factory, you can guarantee the quality and price. If you want to know more about the machine, we will send you the relevant video, pictures, specifications, price, etc.