Industrial Microwave Defrosting Equipment

When our economic level is better and better, our quality of life will continue to increase, mainly in our daily lives. There are many high-quality machines, such as industrial microwave defrosting equipment. For many perishable foods, they are usually frozen, such as pork and mutton meat products, frozen to extend the shelf life, so how to defrost when eating? Leader Microwave Equipment’s industrial microwave defrosting equipment can do a good job.

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Advantages of industrial microwave defrosting equipment

1.Rapid heating

Industrial microwave thawing machines use microwaves for thawing. Microwaves can go deep into internal materials and thaw directly without the heat transfer process. Therefore, the equipment can improve production efficiency and save time through continuous production mode, thawing time from “day” to “minute.”

2.Even heating

Unlike the traditional thawing method, the microwave of the industrial microwave thawing machine penetrates the material evenly inside and outside to generate heat energy. Therefore, it can be heated evenly without causing external melting but still stiff inside.

3.Energy saving

The equipment has high thermal efficiency and energy saving, so there is almost no waste of heat energy. Compared with the traditional thawing method, the microwave thawing machine consumes less than 1/3 of the energy. And in the thawing process does not need to wastewater, a small amount of electricity can be completed thawing.

4.Sterilization and preservation

Microwave defrosting machine can not only defrost materials but also play a role in sterilization and preservation.

5.Small footprint

Although the production efficiency of microwave defrosting equipment is very high, the machine is small in size. It will not occupy too much space, which further helps manufacturers to save production costs.

Industrial microwave defrosting equipment

Model and technical parameters of industrial microwave defrosting equipment

Device typeTunnel chain plate type
Microwave frequency2450±50HZ
Power output20-200KW
Conveying speed0-10 m / min
Cabinet material304#stainless steel
Microwave leakMeet the national GB10436-89 standard
Magnetron life≤2000hrs
External dimensions(L×W×H)About6000-26000)* 1100 *2200mm
Manufacturing standardsMeet the national GB10436-89 standard≤5mw/cm2
Meet GB5226 electrical safety standard

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Principle of industrial microwave defrosting equipment

Microwave defrosting is a kind of internal heating and electric defrosting. The principle is that electromagnetic wave acts on the polar groups of macromolecules and low molecules in frozen products, especially on water molecules. It causes polar molecules to continually change their alignment in high-frequency changing electromagnetic fields, rotating and vibrating between molecules, colliding and rubbing with each other, generating heat. The higher the frequency of the electromagnetic wave, the greater the impact and friction, the more temperature, the faster the thawing speed.

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