Frozen Chicken Microwave Defrost Machine: smart defrost small helper

Microwave defrosting refers to the method of defrosting frozen food under the action of specific frequency electromagnetic waves. Compared with traditional natural defrosting: such as water immersion or water drenching is defrosting, it has prominent advantages of short time, uniform internal and external heat, reduced meat loss, no loss of nutrients, clean environment and high product hygiene standards.

Frozen chicken microwave defrosting machine is a kind of special equipment for defrosting frozen food. The microwave defrosting equipment is composed of a tunnel-type microwave generator box and a conveyor belt. It adapts to different sizes of meat defrosting required speed and the speed of transmission using frequency control.

frozen chicken microwave defroster

Advantages of frozen chicken microwave defroster:

  1. The refrigeration system of frozen chicken microwave defrosting machine: fully automatic control of refrigeration temperature, ensure the quality of frozen products, keep the product fresh, efficient, and safe.
  2. Circulating air system of frozen chicken microwave defrosting equipment: it is made of 304 stainless steel. The fan adopts a high-quality axial flow fan, which is safe and stable to ensure food hygiene requirements.
  3. PLC automatic control system of frozen chicken microwave defrosting machine: humanized control, high automation precision, accurate temperature curve display, automatic control, a variety of defrosting methods.
  4. Microwave frozen chicken defrosting machine takes less time and has excellent product quality. Take defrosting tuna as an example, it can be defrosted to cut with a knife, microwave defrosting takes 28.5 minutes. In contrast, air defrosting takes 16 hours, with no loss of nutrients, low water loss rate, maintain the original color of the product.
  5. Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen chicken has a germicidal effect, inhibits the growth of microorganisms, and defrosting food is not contaminated.
  6. The microwave frozen chicken defrosting mechanical device occupies a small area, saving site investment and labor costs.
  7. Microwave frozen chicken defrosting machine can realize continuous production, which will not generate high temperature, reduce shutdown and cooling time, and significantly improve production efficiency.

frozen chicken microwave defroster

Frozen chicken microwave defroster product information:

 Function Defroster
 Capacity120 – 1800 Kg / h
 Control systemPLC
 Material Stainless Steel
 Color银灰 Silver grey

Microwave defrosting is an ideal defrosting method for frozen meat, especially imported beef and mutton (microwave defrosting machine for beef and mutton), pork, chicken and seafood products. Microwave defrosting will not cause any damage, and product loss.

Frozen chicken microwave defroster equipment parameters:

Model numberPower



Dehydration ability

(kg / h)

Sterilization ability

(kg / h)

DL-12KWSP1212120-1507010 * 840 * 1750
DL-20KWSP2020190-2409350 * 840 * 1750
DL-30KWSP3030300-38011690 * 840 * 1750
DL-40KWSP4040390-50010520 * 1060 * 1750
DL-50KWSP5050500-63011690 * 1060 * 1750
DL-60KWSP6060600-75012860 * 1060 * 1750
DL-70KWSP7070700-87014030 * 1060 * 1750
DL-80KWSP8080800-100012680 * 1200 * 1750
DL-100KWSP1001001000-125015200 * 1200 * 1750
DL-150KWSP1501501500-185021050 * 1200 * 1750
DL-200KWSP2002002000-250025050 * 1200 * 1750

Examples of traditional defrosting processes:

1.Air defrosting

Move frozen meat to defrost room, heat exchange defrost by air medium, and frozen meat.

This is an original defrosting method with low cost and convenient operation, but the defrosting speed is slow.

When the meat defrosts in high temperatures, there is a temperature difference between the surface and the inside of the meat, which is likely to cause discoloration, drying, dust contamination, breeding bacteria, etc. In defrosting with air, certain wind speed, temperature, humidity, and other factors must be considered to ensure product quality.

frozen chicken microwave defroster

2.Liquid defrosting

The liquid defrosting method is mainly the method of water immersion or spray.

High water consumption makes part of the protein and extracts lose, change color, fragrance. The water temperature is 10 ℃, defrosting 20 h; The water temperature is 20 ℃, defrosting 10 ~ 11 h. Because of the wet surface of the defrosted meat, it needs to put in the air temperature around 1 ℃ under the dry condition.

frozen chicken microwave defroster

Working principle of frozen chicken microwave defroster:

Frozen chicken microwave defrosting machine heating frozen goods rapidly, which at -42 to -18 degrees, so that both inside and outside of the frozen defrosting at the same time to -2 degrees Celsius state without water dripping.

frozen chicken microwave defroster

Using microwave heating, low energy consumption, the small temperature difference between inside and outside, the material is basically intact during defrosting, defrosting speed, can effectively keep the original flavor, color, and nutrition of food.

At the same time has a strong bactericidal effect. With the continuous development of microwave technology, we believe that microwave defrosting devices and microwave drying equipment and other advanced microwave equipment will be preferred in factory processing machinery and equipment.