Defrost Pork

After the freeze, the meat facilitates storage, transportation, long-term processing, and pork turnover, and raw materials must be frozen at low-temperature storage. Freezing is mainly for storage. If raw materials are to be used, they need to be thawed. A process in food processing is called the thawing return temperature.

The thawing of traditional food processing enterprises is usually achieved using water, air, and vacuum condensed steam medium through heat conduction. However, traditional thawing has many disadvantages, such as large energy consumption, long time, high rate of meat loss, complex operation of equipment, large footprint, and so on.

Microwave thawing is a kind of new, to adapt to the development trend of the thawing method, homogeneous high power 915 MHZ microwave penetration of meat products, ensure uniform after thawing temperature inside and outside, from – 18 ℃ to – 2 c only need ten minutes. After thawed, nutritional composition, and fresh color than the essential no change. The company to realize the continuous production, the maximum limit reduces the breeding of harmful bacteria, which is currently the best way to thaw meat products. Compared with the natural thaw, the water-cooled thaw has unique advantages.

Mr. Xu of maanshan, Anhui processed pork products. To improve product quality and corporate image, he contacted us online.

The pork sextant weight was about 10kg each, and the experiment was conducted with 20kw microwave defrosting equipment. Adjust the magnetic field by 1/2, the filament by 1/3, the transmission by 10HZ, and the microwave by 10 minutes. The temperature measured by inserting a needle thermometer into the sample was 0℃, and the surface oozed a lot of water and over defrosted. The transfer frequency was adjusted to 15HZ for 8 minutes, and the temperature was measured to -3℃ again. The temperature was uniform inside and outside, and there was no water leaking out of the meat. The meat was shiny, the color was dark red, the fat was white, and the pork tissue was more elastic. The appearance is slightly moist and non-sticky with no peculiar smell. The experiment was successful. Many more experiments were carried out according to this data, and the results were excellent.

The customer has customized 40kw microwave defrosting equipment, which can defrost about 400kg of six-piece pork per hour, fully meeting the defrosting output of 80 tons per month. It is equipped with a closed cooling tower, which occupies a small area and does not have any additional equipment.

The goal is not to soften it entirely, but to keep it partially frozen, but to cut it, so it’s easy to cut without breeding bacteria and tastes good.

The temperature is uniform and appropriate to preserve nutrition.