Chicken Leg Microwave Defrost Equipment

Chicken legs as one of the most common food materials in our daily life, rich nutritional value, delicious taste, and chicken legs there are many kinds of practices. We must have eaten a lot of practices of chicken legs, every practice has its unique flavor, to bring us the enjoyment of the tip of the tongue.

Frozen drumsticks

We usually eat chicken legs are directly in the supermarket to buy, and the chicken legs that buy are frozen. Some people for convenience will buy a lot of one-time if chicken legs can’t be finished only put into the refrigerator to freeze. Therefore, it should be defrosted before eating. The general defrosting method will cause the loss of the nutritional value of chicken legs. So, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has developed a new type of microwave defrosting equipment for a chicken leg. It solves the disadvantages of the traditional thawing method and brings many conveniences.

Advantages of chicken leg microwave defrost equipment:

1.Uniform heating

Microwave defrosting of chicken legs can be heated back to temperature as a whole, reducing the temperature inhomogeneity between the defrosting layers of chicken legs. There is no recrystallization phenomenon of the chicken leg when using drumsticks microwave defrosting machine.

2.Short thaw time

The microwave defrosting process requires a short time, bacteria and other microorganisms are not easy to grow. Chicken leg microwave defrosting sterilization equipment is direct heating, and there is no need for heat conduction defrosting speed is fast.

3.Microwave heating has no thermal inertia

Using the chicken leg microwave defrosting machine to heat the chicken leg. The heating rate of the chicken leg is controlled by the microwave output power, or the rate of microwave energy supply, which is synchronous with each other. The process is easy to control, and the thawing efficiency is high.

4.Good thawing effect

Chicken legs have high nutritional value, and the traditional thawing method takes a long time, which will cause the loss of nutrients. However, the microwave thawing equipment for frozen chicken legs heats up quickly and immediately returns the temperature, which will not cause the loss of nutrients. The color is fresh, and the thawing effect is good.

5.Environmental protection, safe and pollution-free

Machine using imported parts and exquisite technology, chicken leg microwave defrost device quality assurance, no waste production, environmental protection, and safety. The defrosted chicken leg is also delicious, with no bacteria breeding, health, and pollution-free.

Chicken leg microwave defrost equipment

Working principle of chicken leg microwave defrost equipment:

Microwave defrosting uses microwaves to heat chicken legs. Then the drumsticks heat up and melt the ice. Fast thawing speed can effectively prevent deterioration. Microwave defrost chicken leg heating up, the temperature rises from deep freezing temperature to near freezing temperature. Chicken leg microwave defrosting equipment has the characteristics of chicken leg overall return temperature. The return temperature gradient is small; that is, the temperature uniformity is excellent, the time is short, and the temperature rise rate is easy to control. These characteristics make the chicken leg defrost to reach the ideal state.

schematic diagram

Chicken leg microwave defrosting equipment can fully meet the requirements of product quality and output of different manufacturers to meet people’s needs. Compared with the traditional thawing method, it has the advantages of saving investment, high efficiency, low operating cost, top product quality, and convenient control and operation. Microwave thawing is not only the thawing of food processing enterprises but also the development direction of food thawing technology in China.

Microwave defrosted chicken legs

Chicken leg microwave defrosting equipment, seafood microwave is defrosting equipment, frozen fruit microwave defrosting machine. And other microwave equipment of different food enterprises have been widespread in China food enterprises. Its future development is not to be underestimated!

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, food quality requirements as a guarantee of food safety have become the focus of people’s general concern. At the same time, the needs of the environment and resources do not allow extensive processing, so the traditional thawing method is far from meeting the development requirements of modern food processing enterprises. The development of the microwave industry is imperative!