Defrost Pork

After the freeze, the meat facilitates storage, transportation, long-term processing, and pork turnover, and raw materials must be frozen at low-temperature storage. Freezing is mainly for storage. If raw materials are to be used, they need to be thawed. A process in food processing is called the thawing return temperature. The thawing of traditional food processing enterprises is usually achieved using water, air, and vacuum condensed steam medium through heat conduction. However, traditional thawing has many disadvantages, such as large energy consumption, long time, high rate of meat loss, complex operation of equipment, large footprint, and so on. Microwave thawing … Read more

Squid Microwave Thawing

China has a vast output of squid. Squid is an essential economic aquatic animal which can be used for development and industrial production. Squid is a kind of marine product with high protein and low fat, rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, taurine, etc. The water content of squid is about 76.2% ~ 80.0%. Squid should be frozen on board immediately after fishing. Therefore, frozen squid is the primary raw material of all kinds of squid products. The principle of microwave thawing is to vibrate the polar molecules inside the frozen products under the radiation of electromagnetic waves, and generate heat by elastic … Read more

The New Microwave Precise Temperature Control Machine for 30 KW

The most prominent feature of this machine is that it can accurately control the temperature, which is mainly used for low-temperature drying of Chinese herbal medicine or sterilization of the food industry for the experiment, and the precise temperature control can be accurate to + -1 degree. Precise temperature control sterilization equipment emphasizes the front heating, the back control constant temperature, sterilization generally require in the microwave state of 80-85 degrees below the sterilization. The design angle is realized through the temperature control probe’s detection of materials, such as temperature control to 60 degrees, controlled by the temperature control module. The … Read more