Food Thawing Machine

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF The food thawing machine is microwave equipment specially designed for defrosting food. Leader Microwave Equipment manufacturer can offer different power and different models. Due to high productivity and competitive prices, food thawing equipment is favored by many manufacturers. Also, the microwave equipment industry is easy to manage for you. Of course, we can provide different models with different power, just to meet your requirements. These microwave thawing equipment are of high quality, and the price is favorable. If you are interested in our machine, please leave us a message. 10kw Food thawing … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Mutton

Introduce Advantage Parameter Model Video PDF Download PDF The microwave defrost equipment is used to defrost and sterilize mutton, beef, chicken, and other meat products. Defrosted meat products should meet food hygiene standards, defrosted meat is our typical food in the market. Advantages of our lamb microwave defrost equipment: 1. The thawed meat products from our leader, microwave equipment company, will not destroy the nutritional value of the meat products and meet the national standards for food hygiene. 2. Defrosted meat with good quality is welcome in the market, so you can get a big profit after purchasing our microwave … Read more

Microwave Defrost Equipment for Duck Meat

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Microwave defrosting equipment for duck meat is widely used in the defrosting of meat products. Our leader microwave equipment company produces and supplies all kinds of thawing equipment with excellent quality and favorable price. The leader microwave equipment company has been focusing on microwave thaw machine industry for many years. We have accumulated a lot of design and production experience, which ensures our leading position in this industry. We enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. Many customers want to purchase microwave defrosting equipment from our Leader Machinery. We have … Read more