Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Tripe

Many people like hot pot very much. Cooking a pot of steaming delicious food can make people very happy. When eating hot pot, it is necessary to have tripe. Tripe has a unique taste, and it contains a small amount of fat, but a large amount of vitamins and proteins. Regular consumption of tripe can fill the deficiency and benefit the spleen and stomach. The benefits are enormous. Since tripe has a short shelf life, it is usually frozen, so how do you defrost it? Leader Microwave Equipment’s frozen tripe microwave thawing device is perfect for thawing. Frozen tripe Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Frozen Sheep Face

Now there are more and more delicious food, and people’s pursuit of delicious food is also higher and higher. Many people like to eat sheep face, especially spicy sheep face, which can be said to be very delicious. And sheep face also contains very rich nutrition elements, eat sheep face can also play the role of tonifying qi and nourishing yin, warming body and tonifying deficiency, appetizing and health force, the benefits are very many. Sheep faces are difficult to store because they are so perishable that they are usually frozen. How do you defrost them when you eat them? Leader Microwave Equipment’s … Read more

Industrial Microwave Defrosting Equipment

When our economic level is better and better, our quality of life will continue to increase, mainly in our daily life, there are a lot of high-quality machines, such as industrial microwave defrosting equipment. For many perishable foods, they are usually frozen, such as pork and mutton meat products, frozen to extend the shelf life, so how to defrost when eating? Leader Microwave Equipment’s industrial microwave defrosting equipment can do a good job. Frozen meat Advantages of industrial microwave defrosting equipment: 1.Rapid heating Industrial microwave thawing machines use microwaves for thawing. Microwaves can go deep into internal materials and thawed directly, without heat transfer … Read more

Microwave Food Defrosting Machine

With the development of the food industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, people have increasingly strict requirements on food. They not only require a variety of types, but also pay more attention to the nutritional value and quality of food. Frozen foods play an important role in the storage, transportation and processing industries, but they must be thawed before being processed or consumed. It’s not just freezing that affects the quality of the food. Thawing is the key to the quality of the food.   Frozen food What basically takes on the market at present is soaking thawed, can lose food … Read more

Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Strawberries

I believe many people like to eat fruit very much, fruit contains a lot of vitamins and all kinds of trace elements, it is very beneficial to the human body, strawberries are very popular in all fruits, not only sweet taste but also moderate price, so the market demand of strawberries has been very large. However, the shelf life of fruit is relatively short, so in order to extend the shelf life of strawberries, strawberries will be frozen, so how to thaw them, which will be used in the microwave thawing equipment of frozen strawberries produced by leader microwave equipment. … Read more

Chicken Leg Microwave Defrost Equipment

Chicken legs as one of the most common food materials in our daily life, rich nutritional value, delicious taste, and chicken legs there are many kinds of practices, we must have eaten a lot of practices of chicken legs, every practice has its unique taste, to bring us the enjoyment of the tip of the tongue. Frozen drumsticks We usually eat chicken legs are directly in the supermarket to buy, and the chicken legs that buy are frozen, some people for convenience will buy a lot of one-time, if chicken legs can’t be finished only put into the refrigerator to freeze. Therefore, it should … Read more

Frozen Chicken Microwave Defrost Machine: smart defrost small helper

Microwave defrosting refers to the method of defrosting frozen food under the action of certain frequency electromagnetic wave. Compared with traditional natural defrosting, water immersion or water drenching defrosting, it has prominent advantages of short time, uniform internal and external heat, reduced meat loss, no loss of nutrients, clean environment and high product hygiene standards. Frozen chicken microwave defrosting machine is a kind of special equipment for defrosting frozen food. The microwave defrosting equipment is composed of a tunnel-type microwave generator box and a conveyor belt.In order to adapt to different sizes of meat defrosting required speed, the speed of … Read more

Microwave Thawing Technology-let you eat healthy and assured meat

As we all know, Chinese people eat most is pork, and the second is beef. In fact, eat more beef has many benefits for our health. Beef also have a good name “the best kid in the meat” because of its high protein content, low in fat, delicious in taste. However,many imported or exported meat products are usually frozen products,to maintain a good taste, professional thawing methods must be selected in order to maximize the reduction of the best quality and taste of meat. In this paper, a microwave thawing equipment,which is suitable for various frozen meat products – Microwave imported beef thawing … Read more

Beef Thawing Equipment

Beef is a common meat product nowadays.Before eating the meat taken out from the refrigerator, we usually needs to thaw it under room temperature or in cold water. In factories, thawing large pieces of frozen meat in this way before processing not only takes a long time, but also has problems such as uneven temperature inside and outside, dark color, poor quality and easy to grow bacteria. The traditional beef thawing method usually uses water, air and vacuum condensation vapor medium to achieve thawing effect through heat conduction. There are mainly the following ways: 1.Airflow thawing: By adjusting the temperature … Read more

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine, take you into a healthy life

Shrimp and meat food are nutritious and tasty. They are indispensable food on our table.Food across the sea can keep fresh and delicious without the help of advanced freezing and thawing technology. Shrimp meat microwave thawing equipment protects your healthy life. Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat: The microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat has a fast speed. Microwave can heat the inside and outside of the material simultaneously without conduction process. For example, microwave can raise a piece of meat in 25 kg from – 15 ℃ to – 4 ℃ in 2 minutes. Microwave shrimp meat … Read more