Beef Thawing Equipment

Beef is a common meat product nowadays.Before eating the meat taken out from the refrigerator, we usually needs to thaw it under room temperature or in cold water. In factories, thawing large pieces of frozen meat in this way before processing not only takes a long time, but also has problems such as uneven temperature inside and outside, dark color, poor quality and easy to grow bacteria.

The traditional beef thawing method usually uses water, air and vacuum condensation vapor medium to achieve thawing effect through heat conduction. There are mainly the following ways:

1.Airflow thawing: By adjusting the temperature difference among food, airflow, and the airflow velocity.Heat is transmitted to the freezer through the static pressure of the gas in the product’s surface boundary layer, so that the freezer can achieve the purpose of thawing. This method has strong adaptability and little equipment investment, but the thawing time is long and the efficiency is low.

2.Water thawing: Similar to air thawing, except that the medium is changed into water. Compared with air thawing technology, it is slightly better, but it is also inefficient and time-consuming, and requires a lot of water resources which can not meet the standards of environmental protection.

The above two methods are the traditional processing technology. During the freezing process, the surface temperature of food decreases and the bacteria are inhibited. During the thawing process, the same surface area of food is also the area where the temperature rises. Because of the long thawing time, the bacteria reproduction starts again.

For larger materials, the surface begins to rot before thawing completely, which aggravates the weight loss rate of raw materials. In view of the shortcomings of the above methods, our new professional beef thawing equipment is specially designed for meat products, seafood and aquatic products as well as quick-frozen food thawing.

Beef thawing equipment

Beef thawing equipment

What are the significant advantages of beef thawing equipment compared with traditional thawing equipment?

1.Beef thawing equipment uses microwave thawing, adopting PLC system and temperature control module to precisely control temperature. Traditional thawing methods can not accurately control the temperature.

2.Traditional thawing time is long. For example, water thawing takes more than 8-10 hours, natural thawing of air may take more than 24 hours. Microwave can go deep into the material and heat directly without heat conduction. The same material microwave equipment can be completed in half an hour.

For frozen meat pieces with a weight of 25 Kg and a shape size of 600 mm x 400 mm x 230 mm, it takes only 2 to 4 minutes for them to be rewarmed to -4 ~2 ~C by microwave thawing equipment at – 18 ~C. Processing capacity is related to meat quality, that is, dielectric constant of meat. The bigger the meat quality, the smaller the processing capacity of lean meat.

Taking 100 kW microwave thawing equipment as an example, the reference data for theoretical estimation of thawing capacity of frozen meat from – 18 C are as follows. The actual throughput varies according to the specific situation.

Temperature requirement90% Lean meat50% Lean meat

3.Thawing qualityalsois the focus of customers’concern. Meat products after natural air thawing have a dim color, while meat products after water thawing show gray-white color. Meat products after microwave thawing are still the same color as fresh meat.

Before Thawing

Beef thawing equipment

Beef thawing equipment

Beef thawing equipment

4.Traditional thawing method has high meat loss rate. As for water loss, other methods generally lose more than 5% of the water, while microwave thawing can be controlled within 1%.

5.At the same time, air thawing and water thawing will produce a large amount of sewage. As an industrial production, it also needs supporting high-cost sewage treatment equipment, while microwave thawing does not need to be used for pollution-free and environmental protection.

6.The microwave thawing equipment is operated by touch screen, which can set computer operation procedures suitable for the requirements of thawing process specifications and realize full automatic operation. Moreover, the equipment can run continuously with high reliability.

The effects of different thawing methods on the nutritional composition of meat products were compared.

IndicatorFresh ContrastAir ThawingCold HydrolysisHot Water ThawingMicrowave Thawing
Crude Fat3.08±0.111.08±0.141.74±0.351.68±0.282.52±0.05
crude protein30.93±1.4630.08±0.5929.18±2.0828.79±0.5929.52±0.66
Ash content1.13±0.011.63±0.061.45±0.111.44±0.071.61±0.11

As shown in the figure, the results of the determination of muscle combinations showed that the muscle moisture content of microwave thawing was significantly higher than that of fresh control.In addition to the lowest moisture content of air thawing, which may be due to the long time required for air thawing, resulting in more loss of muscle moisture.

The content of muscle crude fat and crude protein was significantly lower than that of fresh control after treatment with different thawing methods, but compared with other method, microwave thawing was good for maintaining muscle crude fat and crude protein content. In the process of thawing, microwave thawing method cannot damage the muscular fibers in meat products and change the internal structure of cells.It could also reduce the rupture of cell membranes, ensure the loss of juice, and reduce the loss of nutritional value.

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers producing microwave equipment to thawing and sterilizing. Faced with the microwave thawing equipment produced by many companies, our company not only ranks first in equipment technology, but also pays more attention to environmental protection and pollution-free equipment.

1.Beef thawing equipment is a new type of food thawing equipment developed independently by our company through introducing foreign advanced technology.

2.By referring to the following data and comparing with microwave equipment of other companies, our company’s equipment has the advantages of:

Microwave drying equipmentOther microwave drying equipment
Microwave frequency915±25MHz915±25MHz
Microwave powerAbove 20kw-200kw(continuously adjustable)35kW
Transfer speed0.1~3m/min frequency conversion0.5~3m/min
Microwave leakage≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)
Drying capacity0.5~1.0T/ h0.5~1.5T/ h
Capacity/Hour 5-7ton 4-6ton
Equipment appearance sizeLength x width x height

8000×5000×2300(mm)( customized)

Length x width x height


Control mode


touch screen、PLC controltouch screen、PLC control

The comprehensive table shows the advantages of microwave beef equipment in the same industry more intuitively. It is healthy and bacteria-free, conforms to all health standards, and maintains the taste of food.

3.All our microwave equipment are sold directly by manufacturers. The company’s service aim is to provide three packages a year + lifetime maintenance + tailor-made + long-term tracking service. It also provides a full set of pre-sale and after-sale services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, technical consultation, etc. Free repair and replacement of spare parts within one year, lifelong service.

Beef thawing equipment

The company has several decades of manufacturing experience to find reasonable thawing methods, do not damage the nutritional value and ensure that the maximum degree of preservation of food fiber after thawing.

Choosing our microwave beef device,both in the configuration of the device or the entire part, we have chosen international and domestic brands of accessories to ensure quality, protection use the safe and secure from initial design to improve safety and quickness and environmental viewpoint.

In addition to the use of safe, food products most important thing is health and safety, we follow the European and American standards, all for the thorough cleaning of equipment and safety of food processing .

So that each piece of raw meat after thawing have quality assurance,ensure every consumer to eat more secure, let the microwave food thawing in the market-leading step in the future competition, we make you more satisfied with our service!