Food Thawing Machine

1.Microwave processing time is greatly shortened with the characteristics of short time and fast speed.

2.Our food defrosting mechanism can sterilize at a lower temperature, keeping the nutrition and traditional flavor of the materials.

3.Of course, our company guarantees that microwaves are directly used on food, and there is no additional thermal energy loss, saving energy to the greatest extent.

Industrial microwave thawing machines use microwaves for thawing. Microwaves can go deep into internal materials and thawed directly, without heat transfer process. Therefore, the equipment can improve production efficiency and save time through continuous production mode, thawing time from “day” to “minute”.
Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave food thawing machine does not affect the characteristics of food such as nutrition composition and color under the condition of ensuring the thawing speed and uniformity. It is safe, hygienic and has a high service life, and can be applied to industries related to thawing demand.

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